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Vol. 4 No. 3 - Dormition 2009


The Bridegroom Cometh!
Tarry Not Too Long

The Bridegroom cometh! Tarry not too long,
My wretched, weary soul, amid the thick
And clinging sleep of sin! O trim thy wick,
And light thy vigil-lamp! Amongst the throng
Of virgins wise and prudent raise thy song
Of joy and join the feast! Do thou be quick
To let His long-awaited coming prick
Thee to the core! O let Him make thee strong!
The oil of grace must feed and fan the flame
Of faith which thou must ever keep alight
By prayer and praising of the King of kings!
But if thy lamp be dark, O heavy shame!
Thou shalt be cast into the bitter night.
So rise and watch! Await the joy He brings!

Sara Hillis, (Dormition, 2009)

© All Saints of North America Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America, 2009.